004: Marine Veteran Kim Galske
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Marine Veteran Kim Galske is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and a powerful keynote speaker.

She is super passionate about encouraging others to step into their greatness. If you have a dream in your heart go and get it! She is proud to share that he won Mrs. Wisconsin in March of 2019, and her platform is my veteran community.

She works tirelessly to ensure that veterans get the resources and support they need at every level. She believes that just giving someone a hand up in their moment of need can have a positive impact on everyone. Her vision is to help each state implement better transition programs for servicemen and women coming out of any branch of service. Through her powerful public speaking, she helped transform lives and inspire people to take direct action.

She enjoys sharing her own experiences as a formerly homeless veteran that found her way back. For her being bold in her faith journey and allowing others to come alongside her, to share a moment that is life-changing is her passion. We should all be so bold to share our light for others. She looks forward to inspiring you!

It's her failures that made her realize bigger things ahead of her. And that you have to believe in yourself and putting your pride aside to be successful.

In this episode, Sgt. BeReal talks to Kim as she dissects every detail of her experiences that would inspire you to do the right thing and be successful.

Key points:

• No support system

• Failed marriage and became homeless

• Know your purpose

• Leadership skills

• Mindset

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