006: Army Veteran Alex Hildenbrandt
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Army Veteran Alex Hildenbrandt is the Co-Founder of ProReach Results. They build software, automation, and ROI-centric solutions. In short, Pro Reach is a full-service marketing and advertising agency that serves its clients as a Strategic Partner. The team is well-versed in Digital, Traditional, and Brand Strategy disciplines stemming from the franchising industry and brand creation.

A week after he left the Army in December 2014, He moved with his family to Jacksonville, Florida from San Antonio and decided to live with his mom for 3 months for a fresh start. The transition was not easy considering that he has not established a stable income.

He did some research and went to Orlando for franchise training. While into business, he decided to go to college and graduated with a degree in Business Management.

In this episode, Sgt. BeReal talks to Alex about his experiences before, during, and after Military duty. They also discussed the roller coaster ride that Alex went through before he learned marketing, business consulting, and digital solutions.

Let's listen to them and become a responsible entrepreneur, make better decisions, and know how to pay someone at a cheaper cost that works better than what you are doing.

Key Points:

• Franchising Industry

• Horizontal to a vertical structure

• It's not about what you make, it's about what you keep

• Bring tech to companies, small and medium-sized businesses to becoming Large

• Coaching young entrepreneurs, get into branding, purchasing

• Stress-related problems, wife lost her job, got messed and almost killed himself, stroke from the stress

• Looked for someone who can work better than him

• Veterans need to learn sales, baseline on marketing and understanding, fundamentals

• Maintain that positive Military attitude

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