007: Army Veteran Christina Rock
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Army Veteran Christina Rock is an Independent Business Owner at Got Your Six Counselling Services, PLLC.

She never wanted to join the Military but dad brings recruiters by their house and one of which was her uncle who is a retired Marine.

She went to college instead and wants to be a part of the FBI, but high fees in school led her to apply for an ROTC scholarship. Summer 2000 went to training and graduated basic training. She was able to graduate from college in 2002.

In January 2003, she was on active duty as a Recruiter and was deployed to different countries: Hawaii, Baghdad, Iraq, and others.

In November 2011, she got separated from the army. For her, the army stopped loving her and she stopped loving the army too.

In this episode, Sgt. BeReal talks to Christina about his experiences during and after Military life, how he was recruited, and the challenges that she encountered while transitioning to civilian life.

Let's listen to them and know what to do after you transition to being a civilian. Also, we'll know how Christina can help Veterans, First Responders, their families, and children that are impacted by traumatic events. She can also help those who are struggling with life issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, coping, mood disorders, gender and identity issues, and addictions.

Key Points:

Military science

ROTC scholarship

Chemical Officer

Hard sacrifices for self and family

Believes that you have to love what you are doing or else you are putting yourself at risk.

Didn't know what shoes to wear for interviews after getting out of the Military

Passionate about helping her Brothers and Sisters in the Military and First Responder community navigate healthy living

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