008- Navy Veteran Ron Suzuki
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Navy Veteran Ron Suzuki served in the Navy for 15 years as an Aviation Electronics Technician.  During his time at the Navy, a mate introduced him to photography. He became a full-time photographer shortly after being honorably discharged. His photography business was doing great, but sales eventually slowed down, forcing him to work for a 9 to 5 job. During this time, he further developed his photography and videography skills and founded White Box Media- a company that aims to grow small businesses by providing commercial videography and digital marketing services.


Ron's passion for helping fellow veterans have a successful life post service has led him to the founding of GritCON. The conference emphasizes a celebration of the arts and entertainment communities. It aims to unite, educate and entertain the veteran and non-veteran communities by featuring speakers, innovators, and business personalities from all walks of life.